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Global Youth Leadership and Girl-child Foundation and Global Youth Leadership and Magical Books organised the 2014 Summer Reading Club.

Summer reading club is a place that admits children from ages 4-15, where they read for the fun of it. This Reading Group is different from the four walls of the school because it makes children and teens endeared to reading. They learn new things other than what they are taught in school. Children select books of their choice which they can read alone and on their own, there is also read aloud section where children of the same age group come together to read to one another.

About us


We create an environment where reading is fun, promoting literacy, encouraging families to read and instill a love of reading and developing cultural literacy.


  • Ensure that children and youth in school understand the purpose of reading.
  • Educate and encourage young adults/ parents to embrace literacy of reading.
  • To encourage, motivate and inspire children, youths and adults to read books so as to develop their minds, widen their horizon, build a better Nigeria and improve the world.

Reading Club Activities

On the first day, Reader sets targets for themselves on how many books he or she wants to read. Some of them read the exact number of books they specified on the 1st day while others surpass their limit. Just few readers don’t get up to the expected target of books.

Readers as they are called at Reading Club come together every Friday to discuss about various books they have read during the week. At the discussion the best characters is the books each have read is discussed. During the course of the book discussion, it was observed that Poldy was chosen as the overall best character because each time Poldy appears as a character in a book, the children are exited and overwhelmed to pick up the book and read. Most of the story lines keep the reader in suspense. Poldy’s books rocks.

Our guest reader Uncle Joseph was invited on the 22nd of August, he read a book to us by Wole Soyinka titled ‘salutation to the Guts’ which happened to be the most difficult but interesting book. This book was about Iyan popularly known as pounded yam. While Uncle Joseph was reading the book to us, we were already salivating as a result of the content of the book and we were all looking forward to the closure of that day so as to give salutations to our own individual guts.

A documentary was watched titled Children’s March; this documentary is about African American’s struggle for Justice and Equality. Readers learnt that violence breads more violence and everyone should be entitled to freedom and right. Children are secret weapons and Racism is not good. Readers also learnt how to make bookmarks, party bag, and picture frames, all thanks to uncle wale our guest artist.

They learnt art of speech making and Social Justice and Non-Violence by Mahatma Ghendi and Martin Luther King.

Our Excursion to a radio station, Beat F.M 97.9, Ibadan was an exciting and refreshing one for both the reader and everyone in the studio. We saw how news is gathered by the reporters, we saw the music library, and how music is sourced and transmitted. Shoutout to uncle big James who taught us how to change sounds especially voices from young to old, male to female and vice verse. We saw the way news is cast life on air. We were given an opportunity to speak live on air, Semilore Alade was the spokes person and she spoke live on air. She’s a reader portraying what she has learnt at summer reading club.

Experience at summer reading club by Readers.

Alade Oluwaseyi, 15 – At summer reading club, I met new friends, I learnt more about reading and also got to read more books. I read The Strange umbrella by Erid Blyton who happens to be my favorite Author. I am a shy person, but I got to overcome my shyness. I would like to come next year.

Lewis Ikede, 4- I had a nice time at summer reading club. God bless my Teachers and friends.

Alade Ayooluwa, 7 – I enjoyed my stay at summer reading club. I was taught how to love books and read more.

Lewis Omotoke, 6-I learnt a lot at summer reading club, I learnt how to make paper bags, book marks, and also to read more. Thanks to mum and dad for bringing me here. See you next year.

Robert Itunuoluwa, 14– I had a wonderful time at summer reading club, I read different books on detectives and mystery. It developed my sense of reasoning and adventure. In fact, I have decided to be a detective in future. I also learnt new words and it has made me bold to read aloud which I used to be shy of doing. I am glad to say my spelling has improved. I was taught how to make paper bags, straw bangles. I even watched a Documentary that taught me that children can make impact in the society positively. I really had a nice time at summer reading club and I am fully equipped to resume next term. Thank you Summer Reading Club.

Alade Semilore, 10– I had a nice time at summer reading club, I was taught how to be confident in myself. I learnt how to read aloud, I made new friends. Thank you Mum and Dad, thank you Summer Reading Club. See you next year.

Robert Samuel, 7– I read lot of books at summer reading club. I made paper bag and book mark. Thank you summer reading club.

Robert Damilola, 8- I was taught how to read aloud, I also learnt how to make craft like colorful paper bags. I learnt new words. I really enjoyed my stay at the reading club.

Habib Abisola – I am one of the volunteers, I learnt team spirit, I learnt how to tolerate children, I learnt public speaking and art of speech making, I learnt a lot.

Some of the books read at 2014 Summer Reading Club

Robert Itunuoluwa- Fun for the secret seven, The birth of evil, The littlest Christmas, The king’s missing cup, Sherlock Duck, Camp Rock, Ghost Ville Elementary, The strange umbrella.

Alade Oluwaseyi- Ghost Ville Elementary, The strange umbrella, The king’s missing cup, Sherlock Duck, The homework Machine, The night before Christmas, I can’t wait until Christmas, Rudolph the red-nosed deer, The singing tortoise.

Alade SemiloreThe king’s missing cup, Sherlock Duck, Rudolph the red-nosed deer, The night before Christmas, The strange umbrella.

Lewis Omotoke- The strange umbrella, The king’s missing cup, The night before Christmas, I can’t wait until Christmas.

Quotes on Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies but the man who never reads lives only once”- George Martins

“You are never alone when you are reading a book” – Susan Wiggs

“A book is a gift that you can open and open again”- Garrison Kellor

“We read to know we are not alone” – C. S. Lewis

“The greatest gift is a passion for Reading” – Elizabeth Hardwick

“A house without books is like rooms without windows”- Heinrich Mann.

Forward looking – 2015 Summer Reading club.

  • Essay Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal reading and lots more.
  • Field trip

Next Edition on Summer Reading Club comes up August 10, 2015.

Registration commences by May 1st, 2015. Admission is strictly by Interview.

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Summer Reading Club is a place to be!