Community Library Project: promoting literacy and reading culture!

Global Youth Leadership and Girl-Child Foundation is located in the urban setting of Ibadan. The need for a library in this community cannot be over emphasised. The community demography consist of students, professionals, retirees, elderly, it is an elitist environment, but devoid of public space where people can read, borrow books and interact intellectually for personal development. Many of the students population, especially in secondary school do not have adequate school texts to keep them abreast of their studies. Moreover, the new technologies of internet, social media, High definition movies, smart phones, eBooks are all competing for the attention of young school adults, it is imperative to bring back the reading culture to our community. Libraries have become scarce and untrending, the result of this is mass failure in public examinations.


  • Our goal is to collect, purchase and stock Ten thousand books, textbooks, journals, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia, CD rom, and desktop computers with internet facility.
  • To offer programs for youth, adult, seniors, and girls.
  • To offer essential skills sessions and computer training sessions
  • To offer inter-generational programming by connecting elders with youth on the reserve and thus keep the youth engaged and the community mobilized.

Space and inclusive atmosphere

To provide a safe study space and gathering place for everyone


We have commenced a book drive project within and outside the immediate community. Our volunteers in the U.S have collected about 2000 books for which we require donations for onward shipment to Nigeria. We require more books locally. Donate books today. We also require construction of shelves and other library furniture.

Budget for establishment of the community library project is $150,000

Donate books; donate towards shipment of books at Rhode Island, Providence, USA.

Donate library furniture today!

Your giving will go a long way.