Past Programmes

Monthly Management and Leadership Seminar

2nd Saturday of every month.

18th April, 2009- maiden ‘SELF-EMPLOYMENT SKILLS ACQUISITION & CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP’ empowerment workshop, following topical issues were discussed:

  1. How to write an application/cover letter
  2. Self presentation at interviews or self-packaging
  3. Introduction to proposal writing
  4. Presentation of National Directorate Employment

The workshop was attended by 370 people. And facilitators were drawn from National Directorate of Employment and Human Resources Managers from a telecom and an international conglomerate.

2nd edition of ‘SELF-EMPLOYMENT SKILLS ACQUISITION & CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP’, the theme of the workshop was “PUT YOUR IDEAS TO WORK”. November, 28, 2009. Some of the topics treated are the following:

Identifying your skills for income generation-

  1. How to stay on your job & generate alternative income–
  2. How to write good proposals–
  3. Business Branding & Packaging for public acceptance
  4. Financing your Small Scale Enterprise-

Facilitators were drawn from budding and established entrepreneurs within and outside the state.

Participants were majorly the working class, applicants and few retirees.


April 15 AND 16, 2010 Seminar

Participants: Youth Corpers, Undergraduates, Fresh graduates, Unemployed/Unemployable, those planning to retire early, Civil Servants, Mid-cadre executives and significant others.


  • Astute business development managers
  • Successful business owners
  • Young and successful entrepreneurs
  • Social entrepreneurs

Special guests

  • Partners in the past
  • Present partners/future partners
  • Corporate bodies
  • HR managers, Marketing managers
  • Distinguished individuals with passion for youth development.

Theme: “Entering the Market Place”

Rationale for choice of theme: Many young school leavers have the erroneous believe that all they need to enter the market place is plenty of money. Many are stocked because they have been unable to gather enough. Some had money and no experience of what obtains in the market place; so they rushed in and rushed out, losing out on their investment…

Deliverables for the workshop:

  • Training on dynamics of the market place
  • Business plan development
  • Access to finance
  • Business mentorship
  • Practical Workshops simultaneous sessions on Agriculture, Events/Catering, Industry/Construction

Leaders’ Forum Seminar Series Modules and Dates for 2011

Jan.11 Feb.12 Mar.12 Apr.9 May.14 Jun.11 Jul.9 Aug.13 Sept.10 Oct.8 Nov.12 Dec.10
Planning Report Writing Proposal Dev.& Writing Workshop‘Entering the Market Place’ Assertiveness Skill Negotiation Skills Customer Service Time Management Leadership Skill Emotional Intelligence Workshop‘CV Writing, Interview/Job Skill Art of selling

 AUDIO CDs of these seminars are available on sale.


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