Youth unemployment and under-employment in Nigeria are some of the critical problems  the country is facing. To a responsive, focused and concerned nonprofit, the deteriorating situation is a source of worry, with the attendant social dysfunction, exemplified by high crime rate and youth restiveness assaulting the country. To further compound this, is the global economic crisis, which has crippled businesses in recent time. This has further reduced the potentials for securing jobs, specifically due to collapsed infrastructure and erratic power supply, small and medium scale businesses are fast giving way, while real sector, which is one of the largest employers of labour, is near comatose. The most recent phenomenon is down sizing in the baking sector and the telecom; hence the labour market is over-saturated.

The cumulative effect of this is the massively growing unemployment and social tension plaguing the country. Worried by this trend, GYLGF is presenting possible options on ways of reducing unemployment by organising periodic Self-Employment Skills Acquisition & Capacity Building Workshops/Seminars, tailored towards equipping the formal youth segment of the society with necessary skills that will make them self-employed, able to create employment, and employability skills.

This is because while it is true that there is a global financial melt down, it is equally true that Nigeria has so much untapped resources which when properly harnessed can bring about individual, community, corporate and national development. The education system in Nigeria need be over-hauled, as it only produces people who rely predominantly on white collar jobs. GYLGF is out to fill these gaps left by the educational and social systems.


To ensure that every young person is gainfully employed and able to create employment


  1. To create awareness among young graduates on contemporary realities.
  2. To equip the youths with necessary skills in order to become employable.
  3. To expose them to small scale businesses and other countless opportunities around them.
  4. To help to develop their entrepreneurial skills for employment generation.
  5. To empower those who are already into small scale business.
  6. To assist those who want to work in corporate organizations secure their dream jobs.


Creating opportunities and wealth through honest means.