Kidney Transplant Donation

kidney-transplantGlobal Youth Leadership and Girl-child Foundation (GYLGF). GYLGF is a Non- governmental and Leadership Organization established since 2001 and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in August 12, 2014. The foundation is concerned with providing result-based and enduring solutions to the challenges faced by youths and the girl-child in Oyo State, Nigeria and in any parts of the World. GYLGF exists to promote Girl-Child Education, Gender Equality and Human Rights, Adolescent Reproductive Health, Nonviolence conciliation and Youth/Women Economic Empowerment. We have impacted the lives of over 600 youths through our employability and skills acquisition programmes, as well as youth focused International Conferences and other workshops. We have mentored over 2500 girls in secondary schools in Ibadan.

The case of Muyiwa was brought to use by his mother in the last week of October 2017, Muyiwa is a young man who should contribute to the economy of the nation in the nearest future, but for his health condition. He has less than one year to complete his academics. You need to help this young life with your kind donation TODAY!


Muyiwa suddenly came down with Chronic Kidney Disease in December 2016. He is a 30 years old Nigerian undergraduate, who lost his father in 2015. His mother is a poor widow who has nothing to financially support his dialysis sessions. Muyiwa needs 3 sessions a week, costing equivalent of $1000 per week. He needs $65,000 for Kidney Transplant in India. Muyiwa has gone through 16 sessions of dialysis, now he has not been able to proceed for lack of funds. Let’s save this young life.

total goal


A young man of 30 years old, a Nigerian undergraduate, fatherless, wakes up one day in December 2016 with weakness in the body. One test led to another and eventually he was diagnosed of Chronic Kidney Disease. Muyiwa is a young man with promising future, but for this disease that has grounded him. The whole neighborhood has contributed money: women, men and even children, but it’s all a far cry from what is needed. That is why I have come to you.


Your donation to this Save – a- Soul project will keep Muyiwa alive. He will be able to pursue his dream of becoming a Building Technology Expert. His poor mother who lost her husband 2 years ago will not be bereaved of Muyiwa. The neighborhood will not lose this young promising man. This is an URGENT CALL to SAVE-A-SOUL. Muyiwa has to be flown to India latest by January 30, 2018, he also has to continue dialysis sessions till that time. Please give your best.

Long-Term Impact

The direct beneficiaries of this project are his Family, next is the Bashorun Estate Community, Akobo, Ibadan. Lives that Muyiwa will touch if he survives; his mother, siblings, the community and the Nigeria nation.