RAGA: A journal on Social Inclusion and Educational Advancement

RAGA: A journal on Social Inclusion and Educational Advancement, is an online,open access, non-profit journal that started publication in 2019.The journal is hosted on Global Youth Leadership and Girl-child Foundation and is affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Education, Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria.

The Editorial Board is the publisher of the journal. The board consists of a diverse group of internationally known academics, professionals, practitioners, and advocates, who are experts in the areas related to gender, social inclusion, masculinity, social sciences and education. By social inclusion we are referring to inclusion of women, girls and other minority, maginalised groups in disciplines where they have been excluded or have insignificant powerless numbers, which invariably would affect their uninhibited contributions to social and educational advancement. This areas span across Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts, Education and other emerging disciplines that are dichotomised along gender lines.

Published articles are openly and freely available to the public. The editorial board is dedicated to creating an open environment for learning and discussion on these important issues with the goal of creating awareness, using data to make meaning and engaging policy on the willingness to reduce or totally eradicate exclusion. Anyone can download and share the articles published in this journal.

The ISSN for RAGA Journal of Social Inclusion and Educational Advancement is (already applied for). The Editor and the Lead City University have submitted applications for doi's (Digital Object Identifiers) to uniquely identify each electronically published academic article.

Upon publication of the first issue, the ISSN will be released. Also, the Editor and the Leader City University will register with the Directory of Open Access Journals, an online directory of high quality, open-access, peer-reviewed journals, and other appropriate indexes of academic, peer-reviewed publications.

The first year of publication is being supported by the Leader City University Council for Research and trustees of Global Youth Leadership and Girl-child Foundation.

Inquiries can be sent to ragajournal@gmail.com.

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