The youth in Nigeria and indeed the world have long history of neglect, unemployment, under-employment and are often misunderstood.  Moreover, social vices are more prevalent among them, such as armed robbery, drug and substance abuse, violence, prostitution to mention a few. Therefore, some of them have turned out to become problems to the society, just like the Boko Haram insurgence. Invariably too, the female gender has a long history of deprivations, discrimination and exclusion from social, economic, educational and professional spheres, some of them have grown with low self-esteem and truncated ambitions. Others who are in school are not equally motivated as the male counterparts and some have become victims of various forms of violence in the hands of people they trust.

Owing to these stated reasons and more, Global Youth Leadership and Girl-Child Foundation hopes to contribute immensely to the lives of the youth and the girl-child with the aim of alleviating their problems and challenges world-wide.

Our Vision

To develop youth and the girl-child who are socially responsive, responsible and able to lead self.


  • To build the self-esteem, can do spirit and knowledge base of the girl-child in and outside of Nigeria, through capacity building programmes, vocational training and sexuality education talks in high schools in Nigeria and Internationally.
  • To empower, inform, educate and train the minds of youth in higher institutions with skills that will position them for self-reliance, economic independence and self management.
  • To assist the youth to identify and build the skills that will make them employable and /or create employment, thereby reducing to the barest minimum, the challenges of unemployment and poverty.
  • To assist the youth and the girl-child develop powerful leadership skills.
  • To enable girls meet and learn from accomplished women and world leaders.
  • To explore the concept of citizenship through participation in community service.
  • To enable girls learn about the role of women in government, politics, business, and humanitarian endeavour.
  • To teach team-building: through hands-on experiences such as explorations, group projects and presentations.
  • To establish mentoring relationships with successful women leaders, peers, and learn how to be a mentor to others.
  • To build girls’ knowledge about women’s history and women’s issues and concerns
  • To establish skill acquisition and entrepreneurial centre for graduates
  • To use the foundation as a platform to assist the government in formulating essential curricula and education policies that would propel education and learning processes in schools.

To achieve these objectives:

  • We shall hold regular management/leadership training seminars.
  • We shall organise regular Self-employment Skill Acquisition and Capacity Building Workshops.
  • We shall integrate seasoned and qualified Faculty drawn from the University, Industry, and FMCG companies as facilitators.
  • We shall source for sponsorship/partnership from corporate and international donor agencies.
  • We shall assist young persons to be gainfully employed and able to create employment.
  • We shall create awareness among young graduates on contemporary realities and expose them to small scale businesses and other countless opportunities around them.
  • We shall assist youths to develop their entrepreneurial skills for employment generation.
  • We shall establish a finishing /leadership school for youths, women and girls.
  • We shall establish special primary, secondary and tertiary institution with bias for leadership training.
  • We shall assist those who want to work in corporate organizations secure their dream jobs.
  • We shall set up well stocked and up to date public libraries and virtual libraries in strategic locations.
  • We shall embark on advocacy projects, with the intent of giving voice to the voiceless (the youth and the girl-child).